About Savant

Savant is a boutique Branding and Website design studio, based in Atlanta, GA. Savant is known for its distinctively clean and elegant design style inspired by strong typography, tastefully chosen elements and a nod to the bond of beauty and function. The studio crafts elegant designs for clients in both locally and internationally and for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Once we begin a project, we will work collaboratively to ensure your business reaches its full potential and maximum exposure with thoughtful and intentional design. I create designs that are contemporary, sophisticated and that reflect your business message and values. At the start up stage or even after being established for years, investing in new design can be stressful and a very busy time while you are still working hard on your business, so I make sure to keep the process as simple and streamlined as possible. I put in the hours so that you can focus on what you do best and the end result is a happy client, a beautiful complete design and an engaged target audience ready to try/buy/get in touch with you.

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